Businesses are facing  a critical shortage of leaders and qualified employees.  It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a shortage of 25 million high-skilled workers in the U.S.

Dirigo Consultants helps you fill positions immediately while planning ahead to ensure you find and retain quality leadership professionals and employees, now and in the future. We understand the factors at play and assist you in recruiting more strategically.  A job description sent to Dirigo and Associates comes with our promise that your requirements, projects and creative endeavors will be successfully driven and fulfilled by our knowledgeable and dedicated team.

We have one key goal at Dirigo Consultants.  That is, to strengthen and support our client’s organizations through the acquisition of elite talent.  Our firm utilizes recruitment strategies that are custom tailored to address our client’s unique and constantly evolving needs in the Technology, Data Management, Branding and Sales Generation arenas.

“We are with you every step of the Way…”

Expect start-to-finish recruitment solutions; in essence, becoming a welcome extension of the client companies that we serve. After over eight years in the recruitment industry, Dirigo and Associates have garnered significant time analyzing the inner workings of the tech industry.  Among our associates are the former project managers at Yahoo, Western Hemisphere Director of Analytics at American Express and the Director of Business Development Asia Centric Advertising Agency in the USA based Culver City, California adjacent to Google’s World hub.

Our methodology at Dirgio Consultants is, “To provide prestige candidates and consulting services to a select group of clients who share our passion,  professional ethics, and sense of urgency, in “partnering” together to fill critical positions on a timely basis.” Confirms Media and Marketing Director, Cristiane Roget, Dirigo I.T.  As you explore our web-site, you will gain a better understanding of the culture of our organization and an overview of our recruitment methodology. In addition, you will find useful information on a variety of industry-related topics of interest.